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Defensive driving

Keep Your Drivers Safe, Reduce Repair Costs and Stay Compliant With our UK Advanced Defensive Driver Training from Road Skills

The E-Driving online Driver Training Programmes are a really good cost effective options to deliver driver training to a large number of drivers spread across the UK or other countries but for those who want to experience At The Wheel Advanced Driver Training or Advanced Driving Workshops for smaller groups in the UK then these are the options we have for you ...

Driving Sense Workshops

Half day workshop about driving attitudes, behaviour and competence in advance driving techniques Up to 16 Drivers at one workshop, based at your offices.

At The Wheel Driver Training

In vehicle development advance driving techniques – half day for two people, based from your offices.

Defensive Driver Training Day

Whole day, up to 24 drivers, held at Donington Race course this is tailor made to suit your company.

UK Familiarisation

Half day one to one, for overseas drivers, at your offices – tailored to their experience and requirements.

 Key Benefits of Advanced Driver Training

  • Clients routinely see a 30% reduction in collisions coupled with a reduction in the severity of their collision. 
  • By reducing the number of collisions you are lowering your liability exposure.
  • We know the cost savings you make from the training will more than cover the cost of the training - it's like getting free training.

So if you want to keep your drivers safe, reduce repair costs whilst staying compliant, call us today on 0113 267 0881 to find out more about the option you want to choose!

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