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Defensive driving

Keep Your Drivers Safe, Reduce Repair Costs and Stay Compliant With Defensive Driver Training from E-Driving

The online Defensive Driver Training programme is not trying to teach anyone to drive. Instead, the focus is on reinforcing the need to drive safely, changing the driver’s behaviour.

Key Features

  • The online Defensive Driver Training can be personalised with your company Logo.
  • The online Defensive Driver Training programme has an extensive module library covering today’s top crash causes and behaviours. This means the programme can be customised to your company’s top crash causes so the training fits with your company’s particular needs.
  • Every module contains localized video footage and content for each individual country enabling all drivers to have a relevant driving experience during the training.  The modules are available in 65 different countries and 80 languages
  • Each module only takes about 20 minutes to complete – allowing drivers to get back to business quicker where they are productive for the company
  • The programme allows you to create a consistent training programme across all drivers in all regions/countries.
  • Every driver can assign the training to a family member free of charge

 Key Benefits

  • Clients routinely see a 30% reduction in collisions coupled with a reduction in the severity of their collision. Clients have reduced their collisions by up to 63%, which resulted in a significant reduction in injuries and large cost savings.
  • By reducing the number of collisions you are lowering your liability exposure.
  • The training can be completed at anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the internet so your drivers do not need to allocate large chunks of time to training.
  • Compliance is significantly improved as the system automatically corresponds via email with the drivers, reminding them of upcoming modules.

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