Eco Driver Training

Eco driving

Keep Your Drivers Green, Reduce fuel bills, Reduce CO2 Emissions, with Eco Driver Training from E-Driving

E-Driving’s safe driving solutions have been combined with proven fuel reduction techniques to help drivers avoid collisions, reduce their vehicles’ carbon foot prints and lower fuel spending. 


  • Drivers are shown how to improve fuel efficiency by modifying driving habits.
  • The CO2 impact of regular vehicle maintenance is explained.
  • The connection between proper trip planning and lower fuel consumption is also demonstrated.
  • Each module takes about 20 minutes to complete.
  • The program is available in more than 65 countries and 80 languages.

Key Benefits

  • It is possible to reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet.
  • Fewer miles are travelled by proper trip planning which in turn reduces fuel consumption as well as wear and tear on the vehicles.
  • The CO2 impact can be reduced across your fleet.

So, if you want to keep your drivers safe, reduce repair costs, reduce fuel bills, reduce CO2 emissions, call us today on 0113 267 0881 to find out more or to book a demo.

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