Hazard Perception

Keep Your Drivers Safe, Reduce Repair Costs and Stay Compliant with Hazard Perception from E-Driving

Hazard Perception is an online driver risk identification tool ...

It has been designed to pin point a fleet’s high risk drivers based on their ability to identify potentially dangerous situations that happen whilst they are driving in the six core competency areas.

Drivers are then automatically assigned specific, targeted online training modules to address their deficiencies. There are 27 modules from which to be prescribed, voering everything from Eco Driving Trip Preparation, Vulnerable Road users to Junctions to Aggressive driving.

Key Benefits

  • An online simple, fast and easy method of pinpointing the most at-risk drivers
  • A proactive, behaviour-based system that creates a targeted training regime for each driver
  • A cost-effective way to efficiently allocate your training budget
  • Hazard Perception can improve employee retention as the drivers feel valued.

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