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E-Driving realise in your business different areas have tailored needs or criteria which must be met. You can create your own bespoke solution from the online E-Driving suite of driver training products to meet your needs.



I need to be convinced that the vendor we choose to manage driver risk is reputable, experienced and offers an integrated 360 degree solution that is capable of reducing our exposure in a cost-effective manner.

How we help

The E-driving core competency is focused on:

Identifying driver risks

Mitigating the identified risk by using localized content and then monitoring your drivers to ensure the pass rates you set are achieved whilst completing the online driver training.

The programmes have achieved Driver Training ROI of up to 900%

We also offer a special 2 for 1 bonus to clients that wish to include a family member in the online Defensive Driver Training programme.



I need to know that the vendor selected to implement driver safety training has experience with the size of fleet I manage.

The programme needs to be cost effective and convenient to manage with my limited resources of both time and money.

How we Help

Many large customers chose to integrate the online E-learning’s training courseware into their Learning Management System (LMS). This is one of the best ways to streamline the programme’s administration.

We place Collision Claims Data and Driver Training all in one platform which means fewer vendors and less resource requirements.

If your company cars, whether they are leased or owned, can be driven not only by your employee but also by a family member, we offer a special 2 for 1 bonus to clients that wish to include a family member in the online Defensive Driver Training programme.



As the corporate training manager, I have to pinpoint where and how online driver training fits within our training structure.

We are now looking at e-learning.  All our people are busy and they don’t think they need driver training.  This means we need to deploy training content that is reliable, compelling, concise and easy to use.  Otherwise, we are wasting our limited financial resources and our driver’s time.

How we Help.

The E-Driving programme will seamlessly integrate with your company’s LSM.

The E-Driving system uses real-life, full-motion video that is shot by the multi-media team in each country.  Most competitors use computer generated animation, our experience has shown us adults respond better to the real thing versus cartoon-like solutions.

Busy people like to fit driver training around themselves, the training is available 24/7. The modules take 20 to 25 minute to complete.


So, if you want to keep your drivers safe, reduce repair costs and stay compliant,

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