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Return on Investment

Your Driver Training ROI is important to you, so it’s important to us at E-Driving!

By using our E-driving package you can achieve a driver training ROI of up to 900%, what’s more, we can help you achieve these figures from as little as £5 per driver per month.

The programme works with your drivers

  • By reinforcing the need to drive safely
  • By cutting the number of collisions
  • By reducing fuel consumption
  • By putting cash back into your bottom line
  • By reducing you liability exposure

By choosing E-driving online driver training all our clients gain …

Key benefits:

  • Clients routinely see a 30-40% reduction in collisions coupled with reduction in severity of collisions and reduced insurance premiums
  • Improved compliance reducing risk of Corporate Manslaughter prosecution
  • Reduced fuel bills as every driver is shown how to improve fuel efficiency
  • Eco driving reduces your company’s carbon footprint

So, if you want to keep your drivers safe, reduce repair costs and stay compliant, call us today on 0113 267 0881 to find out more or to book a demo.

Alternatively, send us your enquiry online and we’ll get back to you

E-Driving – Saving lives and making savings